Stay for the Amori Experience

  • Ubud - Bali

    Few destinations in the world offer the unparalleled beauty and serenity of Bali, island of the gods. It is renowned as one of the most romantic spots in the world.

    And the heart of Bali is in Ubud, which is sought out for its art, culture, yoga studios, food, spas and wellness generally.

    Add to that the traditional magic of Ubud.... in the villages and the banjars.... washing clothes in the streams, cutting grass with sickles in weathered hands, working the rice paddies and herding the ducks. Ubud is the real Bali, with hardworking Balinese living in their traditional homes.

    Nestled beside one of the island's sacred rivers and surrounded by rice terraces, only ten minutes from centre of Ubud, in this world of peace and grace is Amori.

    Ubud means medicine or healing. Yoga, massage and spa treatments are part of Balinese life and are a skill and art-form passed down through the generations. Amori Spa offers a full range of spa services. Imagine your day starting with a yoga session at Amori's yoga pavilion and finishing with a relaxing massage plus herbal body wrap or scrub, followed by a flower-petal bath - in an exotic Balinese setting.

    Calming views and the tranquil sounds as a background to soothing aromatherapy. Serenity, aromas and trained fingers to replenish body, mind and soul....that's Amori.