Stay for the Amori Experience

  • Amori was created with the love and passion of two well-travelled Australians who split their time between Perth and Ubud. They know what you want when you are on holidays.

    Amori Villas is architecturally impressive and provides all the comfort and luxury that you want. Marble bathrooms; spacious bedrooms; infinity pool; vaulted ceilings; bamboo yoga pavilion; hidden spa treatment rooms; and amazing gardens. Our guests say that the photos don’t do it justice.

    Nestled beside one of the island's sacred rivers and surrounded by rice terraces, only ten minutes from centre of Ubud, in this world of peace and grace is Amori. The magical location provides special experiences. Read more.  (Put the following in another hidden sub-page with a click link.)

    For some this is a cooling breeze coming up the river valley after a warm shopping trip in Ubud, or a sightseeing excursion. For others it is the connection to the local Banjar (neighbourhood) and the guided village walk, or donning a sarong to attend a temple ceremony. Everyone enjoys the sounds and views of the sacred Petanu River, and the nature and birdlife. Of course, good food and wine are no longer a luxury. Amori is passionate about this too. Enjoy the open kitchen and a cooking class. And always there is the loving, caring, personal service from our local staff. This is all part of the Amori Experience.

    Ubud means medicine or healing. Yoga, massage and spa treatments are part of Balinese life and are a skill and art-form passed down through the generations. Amori Spa offers a full range of spa services. Imagine your day starting with yoga at Amori's bamboo pavilion and finishing with a relaxing massage and herbal body wrap or scrub, in an exotic Balinese setting.

    Other experiences come from being close to Ubud. Amori will organise these for you. For your choices read more.

    Few destinations in the world offer the unparalleled beauty and serenity of Bali, island of the gods. It is renowned as one of the most romantic spots in the world. And the heart of Bali is in Ubud, which is sought out for its art, culture, yoga studios, food, spas and wellness generally.

    Add to that the traditional magic of Ubud.... in the villages and the banjars.... washing clothes in the streams, cutting grass with sickles in weathered hands, working the rice paddies and herding the ducks. Ubud is the real Bali, with hardworking Balinese living in their traditional homes.

    The activities and excursion choices include cycling; trekking; healing by a Balian; whitewater rafting; sunrise climb of Mt Batur volcano; monkey forest and zoo visits; elephant ride; herb walk; art galleries; silver jewellery making; mask carving and shadow puppet making; stone carving; Balinese dance and gamelan shows; shopping for artefacts and teak furniture and much more.

    Of course, you can do nothing but totally relax, unwind and recharge. Amori has provided the facilities and services to make this not just possible but unavoidable. Lounge by the pool, find a quiet place to read, pamper yourself with a massage or full spa treatment, take a yoga class, walk safely around the neighbourhood….. and just soak up the serenity, healthy lifestyle and loving attitude of the Balinese people.

    Amori’s shuttle service to and from the centre of Ubud is free. We love discovering our guests’ particular interests so we can help construct your ideal holiday….that's personal service …..that's The Amori Experience.