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The Amori Experience - continued

A cooling valley breeze welcomes you back from a successful shopping trip in Ubud, or an uplifting sightseeing excursion. You experience Balinese culture and connect to the local Banjar (neighbourhood) with a guided village walk, or donning a sarong to attend a temple ceremony. Relax with the sounds and views of the sacred Petanu River, the nature and the birdlife. With good food and your drink of choice. Enjoy the open kitchen and a cooking class. And with all of this, accept the loving, caring, personal service from our local staff. This is all part of the Amori Experience.

Ubud means medicine or healing. Yoga, massage and spa treatments are part of Balinese life and are a skill and art-form passed down through the generations. Imagine your day starting with yoga at Amori’s bamboo pavilion and finishing with a┬árelaxing massage and herbal body wrap or scrub, in an exotic Balinese setting. That’s Amori Spa.

Other experiences come from being close to Ubud. Amori will organise these for you.

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